What is EM@cess Online Service?

EM@ccess Online Service is a system for provident fund members developed by Krungsri Asset. Members can easily manage their portfolio by themselves via www.krungsriasset.com. Krungsri Asset provides services as follows;
1)        Transaction (Change Investment Plan/ Reverse /Historical transactions)
2)        Payouts to Exiting Members
3)        Statement (Existing investments / Transaction / Historical NAV)
4)        Individual statement of provident fund
5)        Information (Fund article/ Fund committees/ Company fund article/ Provident fund regulations /Investment plan summary)
6)        Personal setting (Review/Amend personal data / Member risk profile / Change password / Setting)
7)        Manual
8)        Forms (Appointment of beneficiary/ Amendment of beneficiary / Retain provident fund money)
9)        Financial planning (Plan your money / Tax calculation for provident money)
The Company realizes that your personal data is important. We shall uphold privacy and security of your personal data to ensure that the personal data is collected, used or disclosed in compliance with the law. For more details about the Company’s privacy notice, please visit our website : www.krungsriasset.com/pdpa/privacy-notice-en