Investment in Mutual Fund

What is the level of risk associated with mutual funds? How to find the most suitable mutual fund for me?

There are various kinds of mutual funds available and our clients have the option to choose the ones that fit his/her level of risk the most. Funds vary from money market fund and government bonds, which bear the lowest risk, to equity and foreign investment funds, which tend to have relatively higher volatility. Every investor should consider the duration of time and the level of risk to find the most suitable mutual fund. Please feel free to contact our investment consultant to discuss with you about your investment at tel: 02-657-5757 or stop by at our company at 1st Floor Ploenchit Tower.

How much money do I have to put in at the minimum?

Mutual funds are designed so that any person with any income level can put his/her money into any desired mutual funds he/she feels most suitable. For example, 5,000 baht can be put in one fund or diversified into many funds to reduce the risk. This is one of the advantages of investing in mutual fund, your money can be stretched further to maximize the return. The minimum subscription for our funds varies from 500, 1,000 to 5,000 to 10,000 Baht. The minimum subscription for Accredited Investors is 510,000 Baht.

Please see each fund’s prospectus summary for the minimum subscription of each fund.

If I would like to invest in a low-risk, high liquidity mutual fund, which one would be the best option for me?
Investors who want to invest in low-risk, high liquidity mutual fund should consider investing in money market funds. For example, KFCASH-A is an open mutual fund that maintains a minimum 70% of its NAV in government securities. The rest is invested in private sector securities, financial institutions, or bank savings. Securities in which KFCASH-A invest will generally mature within one year from the date of investment.  Click here to view the fund prospectus.