Dividend Payment

How do we pay dividend to unitholders?

If you have provided the details of your bank account to us, we will transfer dividend to your account directly. For unitholders who cannot receive dividend by bank transfer, we will pay dividend in form of a cheque to be sent by post. If you have not provided the details of your bank account, you may do so through your selling agents or a marketing officer of Krungsri Asset Management. Simply fill in the “Application for Amendment of Details” and submit this form along with a copy of the first page of your bank account book.

How do I know if I am entitled to receive dividend during each dividend payment?

If you own units in the fund that makes announcement for dividend payment before the XD Date, you will be entitled to receive dividend according to the number of units held by you as of the XD Date.

How do I know when the dividend will be paid?

Generally, announcement of funds’ dividend payment will be done through newspapers, the company website, as well as notification by post to unitholders. The notification will specify the estimate dividend amount, the XD Date, and the payment date for unitholders’ acknowledgement.

Are individual investors subject to income tax on dividend? What documents are to be submitted by unitholders regarding this tax?

Individual unitholders must include the dividend as income for tax calculation. However, if you choose to have tax withheld at time of payment, we will withhold and submit 10% of the dividend payable to you to The Revenue Department on your behalf. This means you will not need to submit the documents and the tax to The Revenue Department. If this is not the case, you must submit the tax on dividend income to The Revenue Department yourself.

For corporate customers, details related to tax vary according to each type of juristic person. Please contact our customer relations for information.

How do I know if the funds that I invest in have dividend payment policy?

You can view the dividend payment policy in the fund prospectus. Please note that LTF with dividend payment policy will make dividend payment annually maximum. Other funds will pay divided as specified in their policy. Some funds such as KFSEQ-D, KFSINC cap dividend payment at twice annually while some funds like KFSDIV pay dividend maximum 12 times per year.