Credit-card related issues

Which credit card is accepted to purchase investment funds?
Investors can use Krungsri participating credit cards, namely Krungsri Exclusive Signature, Krungsri Signature, Krungsri Platinum Visa/ Master, Krungsri Visa/ Master, HomePro Visa Platinum Credit Card, Krungsri Lady Titanium, Krungsri Manchester United, Krungsri Doctor Card, AIA Visa, Krungsri JCB Platinum, Siam Takashimaya (all types), Krungsri NOW, Central The 1 Credit Card, Simple Visa Card, Krungsri First Choice, and Lotus's Credit Card.
Which funds of Krungsri Asset Management can I use credit card to subscribe?
 Retirement Mutual Funds
(1) Krungsri Dividend Stock RMF (KFDIVRMF)
(2) Krungsri Equity RMF (KFEQRMF)
(3) Krungsri SET100 RMF (KFS100RMF)
(4) Krungsri Thai All Stars Equity RMF (KFSTARRMF)
(5) Krungsri Taweesap RMF (KFTSRMF)
(6) Krungsri Flexible 2 RMF (KFFLEX2RMF)
(7) Krungsri Happy Life RMF (KFHAPPYRMF)
(8) Krungsri Gold RMF (KFGOLDRMF)
(9) Krungsri Europe Equity RMF (KFEURORMF)
(10) Krungsri Global Healthcare Equity RMF (KFHCARERMF)
(11) Krungsri Japan RMF (KFJAPANRMF)
(12) Krungsri Global Smart Income RMF (KFSINCRMF)
(13) Krungsri Global Brands Equity RMF (KFGBRANRMF)
(14) Krungsri Greater China Equity Hedged FX RMF (KFCHINARMF)
(15) Krungsri Global Technology Equity RMF (KFGTECHRMF)
(16) Krungsri Dynamic RMF (KFDNMRMF)
(17) Krungsri Good Life RMF (KFGOODRMF)
(18) Krungsri India Equity RMF (KFINDIARMF)
(19) Krungsri Super Life RMF  (KFSUPERRMF)
(20) Krungsri China A Shares Equity RMF (KFACHINRMF)
(21) Krungsri ESG Climate Tech RMF (KFCLIMARMF)
(22) Krungsri Global Growth RMF (KFGGRMF)
(23) Krungsri Next Generation Infrastructure RMF (KFINFRARMF)
(24) Krungsri US Equity RMF (KFUSRMF)
(25) Krungsri China Megatrends RMF (KFCMEGARMF)
(26) Krungsri Equity Sustainable Global Growth RMF (KFESGRMF)
(27) Krungsri Vietnam Equity RMF (KFVIETRMF)

Super Savings Fund
 (1) Krungsri Happy Life-SSF (KFHAPPYSSF)
(2) Krungsri Enhanced SET50-SSF (KFENS50SSF)
(3) Krungsri Dividend Stock SSF (KFDIVSSF)
(4) Krungsri Global Brands Equity Dividend SSF (KFGBRANSSF)
(5) Krungsri SET100-SSF (KFS100SSF)
(6) Krungsri China A Shares Equity SSF (KFACHINSSF)
(7) Krungsri ESG Climate Tech SSF (KFCLIMASSF)
(8) Krungsri Global Growth SSF (KFGGSSF)
(9) Krungsri Next Generation Infrastructure SSF (KFINFRASSF)
(10) Krungsri US Equity SSF (KFUSSSF)
(11) Krungsri China Megatrends SSF (KFCMEGASSF)
(12) Krungsri Global Growth SSF (KFGGSSF)
(13) Krungsri Vietnam Equity SSF (KFVIETSSF)
What is the minimum amount per transaction when using a credit card?
According to the minimum purchase of each fund*, which requires 500 Baht for SSF and 2,000 Baht for RMF except KFCLIMARMF, KFGGRMF, KFINFRARMF and KFUSRMF that require the minimum purchase at 500 Baht.

(*except KFCASHRMF, KFGOVRMF, KFLTGOVRMF, KFMTFIRMF, KFAFIXRMF and new SSF/RMF that will be announced later on the website)
Will I earn my reward points from credit card on my fund subscription?
At this point, there's no reward points issued to mutual fund subscription via Credit Cards. However, we currently have a new privilege for Krungsri credit card holders*  who can now use the ccumulated Krungsri credit card reward points to exchange for cash to subscribe the investment units of our mutual funds   on the condition that every 1,000 points = 100 Baht of fund units.

*Please study terms and condition, click here
How to purchase mutual funds through a credit card?
There are two ways:
(1) You can do it through our online service via internet by following these steps:
- Fill in the online service application form. Please specify your credit card number and bank account number (for your redemption proceeds) and provide a copy of your bank account book (passbook) along with the form.
- Fill in the credit card payment consent form in order to allow us to charge your credit card when you make a subscription order.
- Please send all documents to Krungsri Asset Management. As soon as your documents are verified, we will send you a 4-digit password by mail and you will be able to access your online account through our website.
(2) In case that you do not have an access to the internet, you can stop complete your subscription transaction at: Krungsri Asset Mangement, 1st Floor Ploenchit Tower: Available for all unitholders
Krungsri branches (only at participating branchs, please contact your branch for details): Available only for unitholders whose fund account was opened the through Krungsri branches.
What do I need to do if I am using an online service but want to add credit card payment?

Fill in “Amendment of Form” in “Add Credit Card account” and fill in the “Consent Letter for Automatic Direct Debit/ Credit Card Payment Form” and submit all documents to Krungsri Asset Management.