About Us

Rigorous and transparent Investment processes & systems

We believe that well-disciplined risk management and transparency investment processes will create value for our client's investment portfolio.

Trustworthy institution with a decade of experiences

Krungsri, our major shareholder, is one of the largest commercial banks in Thailand with over 560 nationwide branches and more than 8,500 professionals.

Strong supports from Krungsri and its subsidiaries help enhance our competitive edges and optimize resource utilization. These supports have propelled our comany to become one of the most reliable asset management firms in Thailand.

One of the best investment professionals in the industry

We are committed to offering the most appropriate investment portfolios that best suit to client's unique objectives and risk appetite. Starting from our "Operational Risk Department", "Compliance Department" along with fund managers gather to set portfolio's specific requirements (Risk, Return and Liquidity) and feed them into the extensive trading facilities, Charles River Invesrment Management System (CRIMS) to complete a portfolio construction.

On a day-to-day basis, our dedicated fund managers and Investment Committee lay out "Strategic Portfolio Strategies" for any particular type of fund while leaving some room for "Tactical Strategies" to fund managers for potential "Alpha generation" to our clients.

Unrivaled products and client service capabilities

Strong nationwide distribution network:

As part of Krungsri group, we are able to leverage Krungsri's nationwide branch network of over 560 branches to delivery our product to clients anywhere in Thailand. In parallel to this , we aim to strengthen our distribution capabilities both through our own channels as well as through selling agents. Alternatively, clients can choose to do transactions via ATM, telephone, and Online service.

Comprehensive product offerings:

We offer a complete range of investment products and services that can satisfy all types of client’s financial needs and goals.

Corporate Governance

Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited  "Krungsri Asset"   is a strong advocate of good corporate governance and committed to operate the business in the best interests of our investors which will bring confidence and suitability in our business. 

To achieve the above intent,   Krungsri Asset    has established a guideline on product governance and fair dealing which is applicable to all of our activities in offering of products and services to our investors. All employees are required to comply with the guideline as a basis for a unified corporate culture.  The guideline which has been incorporated into the following policies was approved by the Board of Directors and has been in effect since 1 July 2017.   

  1. Mutual fund product development and distribution policy
  2. Fair dealing policy

Krungsri Asset truly believes that the above policies will enhance our investors’ confidence which will benefit the development of mutual fund industry and Thailand in the future. 


Investing in Krungsri Asset Funds

We have offered a variety of funds for investors with different risk profiles.