Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Krungsri Asset) is a leading asset management company in Thailand, licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission*. We offer comprehensive range of products and services including mutual funds, private funds, provident funds, property funds and management of investment in future contracts. Mutual funds consist of several types of investments such as stock funds, fixed income funds, commodity index funds, foreign investment funds (FIF) and property funds.
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The Company was founded in 1996 as Ayudhya Jardine Fleming Co., Ltd (AJF) and successfully launched its first fund, AJF Star Capital Fund, amidst Thailand economic crisis in 1997. Later in 2011 the company changed its corporate name from Ayudhya Fund Management Co. Ltd. to Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Currently, the Company’s major shareholder is Bank of Ayudhya PCL., Thailand’s leading financial institution with more than 650 branches nationwide. Moreover, the synergy between Bank of Ayudhya and MUFG since the end of 2013 provides excellent opportunities for Krungsri Asset to expand our reach with juristic persons and major private clients of MUFG Bank. We will develop products and services that suit the needs of these clients to fuel growth and increase our competitive advantage going forward.


“To be a lifelong asset management company for our clients”


“Provide enriching and enduring investment for our clients”

Business Philosophy

“We strive to become a leading asset management company in Thailand with a commitment to continuously develop, motivate, and retain one of the best investment talents in the industry to deliver unrivaled products, outstanding services, and stable returns to our clients”

Krungsri Asset's Mission

“Provide enriching and enduring investment for our clients”
Conduct business with good governance with social and environmental responsibility (ESG)
for sustainable value creationthat will lead to create value in investment for our clients
and long-term sustainable returns.

Chronology of other key events

AYF had acquired 100% shares of Primavest, a company owned by BBTV Equity Co. Ltd. (BBTV) (50.5%), Ayudhya Allianz C.P. Pcl. (AACP) (39.5%), and Krungsri (10%). Consequently, AYF's shareholding structure will be adjusted to have BBTV and AACP holding 13% and 10% stakes respectively while Krungsri will remain the major shareholder with 77% shareholding.

Investing in Krungsri Asset Funds

We have offered a variety of funds for investors with different risk profiles.