Consequence for unitholders who fail to provide information
Unitholders who fail to provide necessary information for verification whether they are U.S. citizens will be deemed by the Asset Management Company to be a recalcitrant in which case the Asset Management Company reserves the right as follows:
  • refuse purchase order / switching order / transfer of units for new transaction of such unitholders or refuse to open a new account for such clients;
  • take any other action in accordance with criteria and requirements of the relevant foreign laws, however, they must not conflict with Thai law (if any).
In practice, the Asset Management Company will only take actions against a recalcitrant. There will be no impact on unitholders who have stated that they are U.S. citizens and provided documents as requested.
ใPursuant to requirements under Thai law, the Asset Management Company (including the fund and relevant parties) must submit information of unitholders to agencies or organizations specified by the government. The Asset Management Company shall comply with the requirements under Thai law without permission from unitholders.
This procedure is necessary and will protect overall interest of the fund since it prevents the Asset Management Company and the fund (under administration of the Asset Management Company) from breaching FATCA and relevant foreign laws whereas non-compliance may result in the fund being subject to withholding tax or closure of accounts as specified above which will unavoidably have an adverse effect to unitholders if the fund intends to invest in the U.S. instruments or securities.

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