FATCA Impact on the Asset Management Company and Unitholders
The Asset Management Company
  • must consider and register for participation in FATCA with the IRS by 5 May 2014;
  • collect information of all current unitholders and prospects for reporting to the IRS which includes information of unitholders who are U.S. citizens (and FATCA recalcitrant account holders) or information of unitholders whose characteristics are as specified by the relevant laws, all of which are required to be reported in accordance with the criteria and requirement of the relevant laws such as name, address, U.S. tax ID no., number and value of investment unit balance, redemption amount or dividend received.
  • are requested to submit additional information, documents and/or consents to confirm or prove the relationship with the United States such as a certificate of renunciation of the U.S. citizenship, information specified in various forms of the IRS, or update the Asset Management Company of new information upon changes;
  • provide consent to the Asset Management Company to disclose information of the unitholders who are considered U.S. citizens or persons who fall within the specified criteria, to the IRS.
To open a new bank account, unitholders must provide the following as required by FATCA:
  1. FATCA Form
  2. Form W-9 (unitholders who are U.S. citizens)
  3. Form W-8BEN (for unitholders who have indication that they may be U.S. citizens but confirm that they are not) and identification document
The Asset Management Company may request that clients submit additional documents or evidence for consideration for confirmation of identification with effect from 1 July 2014.
กJuristic Person
The IRS has postponed the scheme by six months; the scheme will be in effect from 1 January 2015 onwards.

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