Risk Assessment

Employee’s choice concept is a good option since it broadens choices for employees based on their age, period of savings, risk appetite. But how do members know if their chosen investment policy/plan matches their risk appetite?
Usually, members choose investment policy/plan based on the past performance or choose the one that their friends choose. Doing so may increase the risk to individual member because each member has different expected return, requirement for retirement savings, financial position, duration of investment, knowledge in investment, and risk tolerance.

Consequences from Choosing Unsuitable Investment Policy/Plan
  • If members choose an investment policy/plan that has higher risk than their risk appetite, return in some year may fluctuate and members may receive return less than the expected rate.
  • If members choose an investment policy/plan that has lower risk than their risk appetite, the return may be too low to cover expenses needed when members retire or resign from membership.
Therefore, taking a risk assessment to find a suitable investment policy/plan will help members learn about their risk appetite when they make a decision to choose a suitable investment policy/plan.
With effect from 1 January 2014, the SEC has issued a notification for all provident fund members to complete a risk assessment questionnaire in accordance with the prescribed conditions.

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