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On occasion of SAM 1st Anniversary,
Receive KFCASH-A units at 0.2% of accumulated investment amount*

SAM 1st Anniversary

*Special promotion: On an occasion of SAM 1st Anniversary, SAM users will get KFCASH-A units at 0.2% of accumulated investment amount during 1 April – 30 June 2023 according to investment terms & conditions as follows:  

  1. This promotional campaign is applicable for only accumulated investment amount completed through SAM on @ccess Mobile App of Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“The Management Company”).
  2. Unitholders must invest through SAM system and have the accumulated subscription amount starting from 50,000 Baht onwards during 1 April – 30 June 2023. Unitholders will then receive KFCASH-A valued at 0.2% of the accumulated investment amount.
  3. Unitholders must not redeem any investment units under SAM unitholder numbers during 1 April – 30 June 2023. However, if there are cases in which unitholders redeem their investment units regardless of amount, these unitholder numbers performing the redemptions will be not valid and be considered a breach of this promotional campaign.
  4. For investors having more than one unitholder number under SAM system, the Management Company will calculate the accumulate value of investment during the promotional campaign for KFCASH-A rewards through separate calculation of each unitholder number without any sum of all investment amounts. Thus, every unitholder under SAM having the accumulated subscription amount from 50,000 Baht onwards with no redemption transactions during the above-mentioned period will be eligible for KFCASH-A units rewards according to terms and conditions of this promotional campaign.
  5. The Management Company will transfer KFCASH-A units according to entitlement conditions to mutual fund account of SAM users within 31 July 2023. KFCASH-A units will be calculated at its NAV price on the allocation date. Thus, if investors have only unitholder account opened via SAM’s system, he/she must open regular mutual fund account to receive KFCASH-A units from The Management Company. Otherwise, investors not having regular mutual fund account as of 15 July 2023 will be not entitled to KFCASH-A rewards according to terms and conditions of this promotional campaign.
  6. Eligible investment amount from this promotional campaign will be not considered for other promotion entitlements in 2023.
  7. The Management Company reserves the rights to change the conditions of rewards’ entitlement without giving prior notice. In case of any dispute, The Management Company’s decision shall be deemed final.

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