Change in Management Fee of Mutual Fund under Management (KFMX2TM, KFMXPLS2TM)

8 July 2024
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (the “Management Company”) would like to inform all investors that the Management Company will change in management fee chargeable to the mutual fund under management. The fund’s list and details are as follows:
Management fee

Fund Name
Actual Charge
(% p.a. of NAV)
Old New
Excluding Vat 7% Including Vat 7% Excluding Vat 7% Including Vat 7%
1. Krungsri Mixed 2TM Fund (KFMX2TM) 0.6000 0.6420 0.5000 0.5350
2. Krungsri Mixed Plus 2TM Fund (KFMXPLS2TM) 0.8000 0.8560 0.7000 0.7490

The above change in fee shall take effect from 9 July 2024 onwards.
Please be informed accordingly.
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