Automatic Redemption through Switching of Mutual Fund Units No.1/2022 KF-SINCOME

4 January 2022
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (“the Management Company”), acting as the management company of Krungsri Global Smart Income Fund (KF-SINCOME), would like to notify the unitholders that the Management Company is going to automatically redeem the mutual fund units of every unitholder by switching them to Krungsri Cash Management Fund-A (KFCASH-A) at the rate of Baht 0.1082 per unit for the unitholders whose name appeared on the Unitholders’ Register on 23 December 2021 with the related schedule as follows:
Transaction Date
1.  Automatic redemption by switching out the mutual fund units of Krungsri Global Smart Income Fund (KF-SINCOME) held by every unitholder.
4 January 2022
2. Switching the mutual fund units to Krungsri Cash Management Fund-A   (KFCASH-A).
6 January 2022
3. Unitholders are able to make redemption or switching of the mutual fund units of Krungsri Cash Management Fund-A (KFCASH-A).
7 January 2022
(1) Such automatic redemption/switching out transaction will cause a decrease in the outstanding units of KF-SINCOME held by unitholders.
(2) Unitholders will receive a Confirmation Note and/or can update the transaction in their passbook, as the case may be, accordingly.
Should you need any further information, please contact your account manager or our client service Officer at  02-657-5757 press 7 for English and  press 2 or via email at
Please be informed accordingly.
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited
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