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RMF for PVD: Stretch Your Retirement Plan & Get Promotion 2024.
Receive KFCASH-A at 0.2% of total amount transfer or equal to 2,000 Baht/ investment of 1,000,000 Baht*

Promotion: Receive KFCASH-A at 0.2% of the total amount transfer, being equal to 2,000 Baht/ investment of 1,000,000 Baht.*

All our RMFs have a minimum purchase at 500 Baht only and fully support PVD transfers. At present, you can open fund account for PVD transfers and state you request for online PVD transfers easily via Krungsri Asset’s @ccess Mobile App. For more details, click here.

*Investment conditions and eligible rights to receive KFCASH-A units
  • This promotion applies to only the transfers of PVD (Provident Fund) to any RMF managed by Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (“the Management Company”) except KFCASHRMF and any new RMF in 2024 according to the Management Company’s announcement for exemption. Transfer must be completed during 2 Jan. - 30 Dec. 2024 only.
  • Investors must hold investment units invested during the promotion period until 29 Mar. 2025, which is the date the Company will calculate the net investment amount for KFCASH-A units entitlement.
  • Net investment amount means total investment amount of transfers from PVD to participating RMF being deducted with total investment amount of redemption, switching to non-participating RMF, and transfer from RMF to other asset management companies.
  • In case investors have mutual fund accounts of the Management Company, we will calculate eligible promotion value and allocate KFCASH-A units into the mutual fund account within 30 Apr. 2025 by adhering to the fund’s NAV price on the allocation date.
  • In case investors have only RMF account for PVD, the Management Company will calculate eligible promotion value and transfer money into bank account for redemption as specified by investors within 30 Apr. 2025.
For KFCASH-A details, click here.
For RMF investment manual, click here.

Investors should understand fund features, returns, risks and study tax benefits in the investment manual before making an investment decision. | Investors will not be eligible for tax benefits in the absence of compliance with investment conditions.

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