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RMF for PVD ... Broadening Retirement Plan & Return Opportunities
Receive KFCASH-A at 0.2% of the total amount transfer, being equal to 2,000 Baht/ investment of 1,000,000 Baht*

*Promotion: Receive KFCASH-A at 0.2% of the total amount transfer, being equal to 2,000 Baht/ investment of 1,000,000 Baht.

Recommended Funds

Krungsri Active Fixed Income RMF (KFAFIXRMF)

Adding debt instruments to your portfolio to reduce volatility and spread out your money into onshore and offshore debt markets.
Krungsri SET100 RMF (KFS100RMF)

Invest in Thai’s top 100 companies listed on SET with an aim to generate investment returns close to that of SET100 index.
Krungsri China A Shares Equity RMF (KFACHINRMF)

Access to growth opportunities from China’s new economy through A-Shares market tending to benefit from structural changes, post-pandemic COVID-19 economic recovery, and long-term economic reform.
Krungsri China Megatrends RMF (KFCMEGARMF)

Get access to five China’s mega trends in one fund: Consumption, Technology, Healthcare, Clean energy, and New transportation.
Krungsri Global Brands Equity RMF (KFGBRANRMF)

Focus to invest in global dominant brands, especially products in the consumer discretionary, IT, and finance sectors that always get consumers to buy no matter how economic cycle has evolved.
Krungsri Global Healthcare Equity RMF (KFHCARERMF)


Primarily invest in global healthcare stocks that have been viewed as a defensive play amid economic cycles, while the aging society has become an opportunity for medical technologies, medicines, vaccines, or health insurance to grow.
Every fund has minimum purchase at 500 Baht only.
*Investment conditions and eligible rights to receive KFCASH-A units
  • This promotion is for PVD (Provident Fund) transferred to all RMFs managed by Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (“Company”) except KFCASHRMF and any new RMF in 2023 according to the Management Company’s announcement for exemption. Transfer must be completed during 3 Jan. - 30 Dec. 2023* only.
  • Investors must hold investment units invested during the promotion period until 29 Mar. 2024, which is the date the Company will calculate the net investment amount for KFCASH-A units entitlement.
  • Net investment amount means total investment amount of transfers from PVD to participating RMF being deducted with total investment amount of redemption, switching to non-participating RMF, and transfer from RMF to other asset management companies.
  • In case investors have mutual fund accounts of the Company, we will calculate eligible promotion value and allocate KFCASH-A units into the mutual fund account within 26 Apr. 2024 by adhering to the fund’s NAV price on the allocation date.
  • In case investors have only RMF account for PVD, the Company will calculate eligible promotion value and transfer money into bank account for redemption as specified by investors within 26 Apr. 2024.

*Remark: Since the Bank of Thailand (BOT) has announced the deferral of the substitution for New Year’s Eve from 2 Jan. 2024 to 29 Dec. 2023  for financial institutions. Thus, the last effective date for SSF | RMF subscription for tax deductions 2023 is 28 Dec. 2023, while the subscriptions after the transaction cut-off times on this day will be processed on 2 Jan. 2024, the next business day.
For KFCASH-A details, click here.
For RMF investment manual, click here.
For online RMF for PVD account opening & transfer, click here.

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