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Krungsri The One ...Foster Synergy within Krungsri Group to Seize all the Best-in-class Opportunities

Krungsri The One is the first-ever synergy between the Krungsri Groups (Bank of Ayudhya, Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Krungsri Securities Co., Ltd.) and global investment partner in integrating their strengths to establish the investment strategies and select the comprehensively best-in-class funds in Thailand, ranging from fixed income funds, domestic equities, global equities, and alternative assets. This integrated synergy has finally been executed in the best combined portfolio strategies based on risk levels being executed in three funds, KF1MILD, KF1MEAN, and KF1MAX, tailored with active portfolio rebalancing according to rapidly changing market conditions through flexible investment framework and fund managers’ control of portfolio risk and volatility when appropriate.


Krungsri The One Funds Series


1. Investment Framework
Using the multi-asset Investing and asset allocation strategies as follows:
  • Money market funds to maintain the funds’ liquidity.
  • Domestic and foreign equity funds* to generate returns and growth potential (*Dividend, index funds, growth, small cap, regional/national, sectoral, and thematic ones).
  • Domestic and foreign fixed income funds to enhance stability and the opportunity to generate excess returns.
  • Alternative investment funds to diversify risks and increase investment alternatives.
Source: Krungsri Asset Management as of 26 Jan. 23 | Remark: The above information is just an investment framework which can be changed and divert from the actual investment portfolio.

2. Asset Allocation Strategies through a Comprehensive Range of Mutual Funds
  • KF1MILD: Primarily invest in fixed income instruments with a slight proportion in other assets for an opportunity to generate returns capable to beat inflation.
  • KF1MEAN: Investment diversified in fixed income instruments and risky assets at similar proportion most the of the time to create balance between returns and risk.
  • KF1MAX: Primarily invest in equities to focus driving growth but still maintain proportion in fixed income instruments for an opportunity to generate returns together with risk management.
3. Investment Process
Source: Krungsri Asset Management as of Dec. 22 | Remark: The above information is just an investment framework which can be changed and divert from the actual investment portfolio. At the initial stage, the Fund Managers may consider investing in the funds managed by Krungsri Asset Management as a priority for the purpose of efficient portfolio management.

Fund Information: Krungsri The One (IPO: 13 - 20 February 2023)
For fund Info, click: KF1MILD-A | KF1MEAN-A | KF1MAX-A

  • This document is prepared based on information obtained from reliable sources at the time of presentation, but the Management Company does not provide any warranty of the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of all information. The Management Company reserves the right to make changes to all information without prior notice.
  • The funds are hedged against foreign exchange risk at the discretion of the fund manager and is therefore subject to exchange rate risk which may result in losses or gains on foreign exchange or cause investors to receive lower return than the amount initially invested.
  • Should study fund features, conditions of returns, and risks before making investment decision. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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