Krungsri Asset Management launch of SSFX and SSF as for variety of alternatives to meet all investors' needs

30 March 2020
Ms. Siriporn Sinacharoen, Managing Director of Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“Krungsri Asset”) said, “The Company is planning to launch one Super Savings Fund Extra (SSFX) and four Super Savings Funds (SSFs) which are selected from the mutual funds with solid performance in order to offer the alternatives for investors seeking good returns and tax privileges.
“Our Krungsri SET100-SSFX (KFS100SSFX) has the policy to invest in top 100 companies in Thailand. As the SET100 Index has declined by 35% since the end of 2019, we see an appropriate timing for long-term investment since share prices have dropped to the attractive level and investment in fundamentally strong companies tends to recover on a stable path. Therefore, those with high tax base should not miss the opportunity to invest in an SSFX because they are entitled to as high as Baht 200,000 tax allowance, which separates from the tax-deductible amount applied to SSF, RMF and other types of retirement investment.  KFS100SSFX will be offered only until 30 June 2020 according to the Cabinet Resolution announced on 1 March 2020.”
“Regarding the 4 SSFs being scheduled for the offering starting from 1 April 2020, they are selected from a variety of funds ranging from lowest risk level to high risk level in an attempt to enable investors to allocate their investments appropriately. The low-risk SSF offered for sale is Krungsri Cash Management-SSF (KFCASHSSF) which aims to invest more than 85% of the fund in government sector debt instruments. The fund is subject to low risk as it maintains average portfolio duration of 1-1.5 months, hence less volatility, and is suitable for investors with low risk appetite.”
“If the investors can accept higher risks, they may consider investing in Krungsri Active Fixed Income-SSF (KFAFIXSSF) which has the same investment strategy as Krungsri Active Fixed Income Fund (KFAFIX) which was ranked as the industry’s best performing fixed income fund in 2019. (Source: Morningstar as of 31 December 2019/ Past performance of mutual funds does not guarantee future operating results.) The fund has the policy to invest in both domestic and foreign medium-term debt instruments and is suitable for those seeking an opportunity to earn higher investment returns than the conventional investment in debt instruments and are able to accept volatility in the short run.”
“The SSF in the category of mixed fund that is offered for sale is Krungsri Happy Life Super-SSF (KFHAPPYSSF) which uses the same investment strategy as Krungsri Happy Life Fund (KFHAPPY). The Fund invests in various classes of assets, with an investment ratio of 75% -100% in quality debt instruments and 0-25% in equity instruments, REITS, property funds, and other infrastructure funds; aiming to achieve an optimal balance between the appropriate return and the risks involved.  
“For investors who intend to invest in shares during this period of attractive valuations, they may consider investing in Krungsri Enhance SET50-SSF (KFENS50SSF) which  invests approximately 90% of the its portfolio in shares listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand that are constituents of the SET50 Index, and the remaining 10% in an active management style in order to obtain enhanced investment return.” Ms. Siriporn said.
To request for additional details and obtain the Fund Prospectus, investors can contact Krungsri Asset Management at 02-657-5757, or contact any branch of Bank of Ayudhya.
SSFX and SSF are the funds aiming promote savings.
Investors should understand about funds feature, returns, risk, and tax privileges in the investment manual before making investment decision. / Unitholders who fail to comply with the investment conditions will not be entitled to the tax privileges.

Source: Morningstar 31 December 2019/ Past performance of mutual funds does not guarantee future operational results.

Fund risk levels:
KFS100-SSFX:  6 - High Risk
KFCASH-SSF: 1 - Low Risk
KFAFIX-SSF: 4 - Medium to Low Risk
KFHAPPY-SSF: 5 - Medium to High Risk
KFENS50-SSF: 6 - High Risk
• The funds may invest in or hold non-investment grade debt instruments or unrated bonds. Therefore, investors are subject to issuer default risk which may result in partial or full investment losses.  Moreover, upon redemption of mutual fund units, they may not receive the redemption proceeds as specified in the mutual fund project.
• The funds will use foreign exchange risk hedging tools to fully hedge their currency exposure, and may incur hedging costs for such transactions.  The extra transaction costs may marginally reduce the total yields of the funds
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