Opening of Trading Services for the Institutional Share Class of 17 Funds under Management

21 October 2021
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (the “Company”) would like to announce that the Company will open the trading services for 17 funds under management as follows: 
Fund name Fund code Effective Date
1.  Krungsri China A Shares Equity Fund-I KFACHINA-I 2 November 2021
2.  Krungsri ESG Climate Tech Fund-I KFCLIMA-I 2 November 2021
3.  Krungsri China Megatrends Fund-I KFCMEGA-I 2 November 2021
4. Krungsri Global Brands Equity Fund-I KFGBRAND-I  2 November 2021
5. Krungsri Global Property Fund-I KFGPROP-I  2 November 2021
6. Krungsri Asian Equity Hedged FX Fund-I KFHASIA-I 2 November 2021
7.  Krungsri Global Healthcare Equity Hedged FX Fund-I KFHHCARE-I 2 November 2021
8. Krungsri World Tech Equity Hedged FX Fund-I KFHTECH-I  2 November 2021
9. Krungsri Next Generation Infrastructure Fund-I KFINFRA-I 2 November 2021
10. Krungsri Disruptive Innovation Fund-I KFINNO-I 2 November 2021
11. Krungsri Japan Small Cap Equity Fund-I KFJPSCAP-I 2 November 2021
12. Krungsri US Equity Fund–I KFUS-I 2 November 2021
13. Krungsri Vietnam Equity Fund– I KFVIET-I 2 November 2021
14. Krungsri Global Technology Equity Fund-I KFGTECH-I 2 December 2021
15. Krungsri Europe Equity Hedged Fund-I KFHEUROP-I 2 December 2021
16. Krungsri Japan Equity Index Hedged FX Fund-I KFJPINDX-I 2 December 2021
17. Krungsri US Equity Index Hedged FX Fund-I KFUSINDX-I 2 December 2021

Moreover, we would like to inform you of the following additional information:
  1.  The existing unitholders of KF-GTECH, KF-HEUROPE, KF-HJPINDX, KF-JPSCAP, KF-US, KF-HUSINDX whose name appear on the Unitholders’ registration book of the respective fund before the effective date of the Institutional Share Class will be regarded as the unitholders of the Accumulation Share Class (KFGTECH-A, KFHEUROP-A, KFJPINDX-A, KFJPSCAP-A, KFUS-A, KFUSINDX-A) and the existing unitholders of KFACHINA, KFCLIMA, KFCMEGA, KFGBRAND, KFGPROP, KFHASIA, KFHHCARE, KFHTECH, KFINFRA, KFINNO, KFVIET before the effective date of the Institutional Share Class will be regarded as the unitholders of the Accumulation Share Class and/or Dividend Share Class according to the share class originally held by each unitholder.  Besides, the unitholders who already have a passbook of the exiting fund and/or share class can use the original passbook for making trading transactions of investment units as usual.
  2.  Unitholders of the Intuitional Share Class can request a new passbook for making trading transactions of the Intuitional Share Class from any branch of Bank of Ayudhya nationwide or the relevant selling agents.
  3.  Currently, the Company still does not accept the subscription and switching-in orders of both the Accumulation and Institutional Share Class of Japan Small Cap Equity Fund (KFJPSCAP).
Should you have any queries, please contact your account manager or our Client Service at 02-657-5757 press 7 for English and press 2 or via email at

Please be informed accordingly.
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